Optisort S

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OPTISORT S for screws

Automatic inspection system for screws

Head screw control, thread defects, scratches or cracks, deformation and dimensions

  • Inspection system with slot disc for parts with head M4-M12, length max 80mm, Screws, double bolts and rivets
  • complete geometrical measurement in side view with telecentric optics, head height, shank length, overall length, diameter and cut-in
  • Thread: outer diameter, core diameter and pitch
  • Inspection of recess and hexagon in reflected light
  • Inspection of surface, coatings and for head cracks
  • Setup of new inspection plan within 15 min, changeover time less than 5 min
  • Performance up to 1400 parts/min,
  • 360° inspection non-stop up to 500 parts/min

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