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OPTISORT N for nuts

Automatic inspection system for standing parts with threads

Automatic system for inspecting internal thread, defects in them, remains of chips, identification mark detection, and presence of additional elements such as self-locking rings.

  • Inspection system with glass disc 500/800 mm
  • For standing parts with internal threads M4 – M16/M24, height max. 30 mm
  • Complete geometrical measurement in top and side view with telecentric optics height, diameter, hexagon
  • Examination of threads in several views
  • Checking for chips in the inner diameter
  • Inspection for lock ring
  • Inspection of welding feets
  • Examination of surfaces and coatings and checking for cracks
  • Setup of new inspection plan within 15 min, changeover time less than 5 min
  • Performance up to 900 parts/min


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